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David Suchet is British stage actor known the world over as Hercule Poirot. He also played in several Hollywood movies such as Wing Commander, based on the popular computer game. Suchet is a unique actor who changes easily from one character to another. Every role he has played, from Arab terrorist and captain of a spaceship to Biblical Joab and Hercule Poirot, looks very natural. He can easily change his appearance without any make-up. If you see pictures of him from various films, it's sometimes hard to believe that this is the same man. Well, David Suchet is definitely worth your attention. 

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17.06.02 - David Suchet has been awarded the Order of the British Empire. It will be presented to him by Queen Elizabeth II at Buckingham palace.

2 May, 2003 - David's birthday!!! Congratulations!!!

July, 2002 Robert Suchet (David's son) has graduated from Birmingham Univercity.

18.08.02 - David Suchet has left to Toronto to film in a comedy movie "TILL DEATH DO US PART" (starring Michael Douglas) where he's playing supporting role. The film is supposed to be released in 2003.

16.03.02 - read David Suchet's comments on "Sunday".

27.11.01 - two new interviews added.

The English version of the site is available.

2.05.01 - Happy birthday, David!

19.03.01 - new photo added.

Please remember that this is unofficial fan site. We have no access to Mr Suchet and we are not the members of his fan club. Our only aim is to share with you all the information we have about this distinguished actor. This site is maintained by Daria Pichugina and Adelka Sundaymaniac with invaluable help of Kim Dolce.

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